• Raspberry Creek Fall Fabrics

    I am so fortunate to have been able to sew up some of the new fall fabrics offered by Raspberry Creek Fabrics. My nine year old daughter, Elise and I love to match. I loved them all, so I let Elise choose. When she saw the Kettles fabric in the Sweater Weather Collection, she said, “We do love tea!”. I coordinated them with these stripes that are all my favorite colors.

    I made myself a Love Notions Rockford Raglan. I’m not exaggerating that this may be my favorite all time pattern. Brittney Laidlaw a designer and sewist for Raspberry Creek Fabrics got me started on using the stripes with the prints for this combination. I love that I can turn the stripes and use them for the cuffs.

    I made New Horizons Designs Patterns for Elise. She is somewhere between child and adults sizes, which make things complicated. I find these patterns very straight forward to alter. I made her the Women’s Carita Joggers and the Tami Revolution Hoodie for Girls with a neckband instead of hood.

    I wanted to make us some coordinating dresses. Elise picked the Fall Leaves in Jersey Knit.

    I knew that I wanted to make myself Love Notions Willow Wrap peplum. I thought it worked really nicely in Jersey Knit.

    Love Notions just released extended sizes for the Everyday Playdress that I purchased. So, we gave that a try for Elise. I could not believe how quickly it came together. She had stopped wearing dresses but requested more of these for the winter.

    I put my order in right away for some other prints and will probably purchase even more through out the winter. I bought the Rainbow Floral Daisy Fox and also the Vertical Stripes for a raglan and will probably add a vinyl decal to the front. Elise wants the Stitched Sky with the dog astronaut and I like the Stitched Stars from that collection for perhaps Love Notions Sloane Sweaters. I plan to buy Elise the musical notes from R&B, since she loves to sing and is active in choir for a plain t-shirt or maybe another Everyday Playdress. I got the Vintage Cameras from Travel to make some pajama pants for my husband who takes the majority of the photos for my posts. I bought french terry, because it will be so soft for winter.

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