• We love the Love Notions Margot Peplum

    So the Love Notions Ambassadors were offered their favorite pattern to giveaway during the October sale. As you might imagine, this was a difficult task for me. So, I gave Tessa a list of all my makes for the sale and her pick. This was perfect for us, because I love the Margot Peplum, but Elise really, really loves it.

    Nicole’s Margot Peplum with Arlington Mock Neck

    Well, I already had this Raspberry Creek Fabrics British Christmas floral from their new Holiday Collection waiting to be sewn into a Margot Peplum with an Arlington mock neck. But I knew Elise would be really left out.

    Elise’s Margot Peplum with Arlington Mock Neck

    So, I emailed my friends at Raspberry Creek Fabrics and asked it they’d please send Elise some of the Pine Bough Garland Polka Dot print, before it was available for sale. When it arrived, she was elated. If you like the prints, they are $1 off through today (Wednesday, October 5th).

    I sewed up this little hack myself and let her see. I knew she’d want a mash of her favorite patterns. All I did was trace the Arlington neckline onto my Margot Peplum pattern. The only issue was the shoulder width. I found it worked best to change the neckline to be closer to the Margot and then just measure a new length for the mock neckband.

    Margot Peplum with Sybil Swing Skirt

    But this isn’t the first time we have hacked the Margot Peplum pattern. We stole this hack right from the innovative Tessa Bunch Heiser herself. This is the easiest hack in the world. You just swap out the Margot Peplum with the Sybil Swing skirt (without the waist band).

    Margot Peplum with Sybil Swing Skirt

    It was so nice that I made it twice

    Margot Peplum in French Terry

    Sometimes I have been known to get a little exuberant when Raspberry Creek Fabrics releases a new collection and I order the wrong fabric type. When the french terry came, Elise declared that it would be extra cozy! And she was right.

    Margot Peplum in Cotton Spandex Knit

    Cotton spandex works great, too. Elise chose this print last year from the Raspberry Creek Fabrics Holiday collection. It was so wonderful, that I had to make myself one, too.

    Summer Margot Peplums in Cotton Spandex

    I made us these for the last sale in May. These are both cotton spandex, too.

    Summer Margot Peplums in double brushed poly

    This is my favorite Margot Peplum. This was a few years ago for the release of the Raspberry Creek Fabrics Holiday Collection. I had coincidentally made a Glissando Skirt that coordinated perfectly.

    Now for the sale information! The Love Notions patterns are 40% off through Friday, October 7th. You can get a total 50% off, if you use my NICOLE10 coupon. Today (Wednesday, October 4th), you can get a chance to win a pattern and chance to win a serger courtesy of Love Notions. And I’m providing the winner a $35 gift card to my favorite fabric store, Raspberry Creek Fabrics. You can enter by commenting on today’s Instagram post . Or if you don’t do Instagram, friend me on Facebook, where I’ll also have a post, today.

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