Designs by Call Ajaire Nini Noni Nightwear

We were able to test a great new nightwear pattern by designs by Call Ajaire with a huge amount of options. It is currently available via Project Run and Play. Elise really loves the nightgown. So much so that I’ve made her three.

Above is the line drawing for the pattern. You can see how many options there are. There are cold weather and warm weather patterns to get you through the entire year.

We used Raspberry Creek Fabrics in Jersey Knit prints and solids for all her pajamas. The constellation print was for me, but Elise decided that it would make her a perfect nightgown. She was right.

We also had to try out the top and pants set, too. She was in love with the gathers in the front and back.

I really love this butterfly print that she picked out. She selected the solid eggplant jersey knit for two of her pajamas. It’s her favorite Raspberry Creek Fabrics solid fabric.

I can’t say enough good things about these patterns. They were really fun to sew up and Elise loves wearing them. The nightgown pattern would make the perfect special holiday pajamas for any girl. I especially like this one in the moon and starry night print that she selected.

Designs by Call Ajaire Buzz Puffer Coat

Well the Buzz Puffer Coat was definitely one of my significant sewing undertakings. I had tested some pajamas coming out around US Thanksgiving for designs by Call Ajaire patterns, because Elise fits well in their expanded size range. Ajaire then invited me to be part of the winter promotions for her coats. I knew Elise would love it, so I went for it.

I made the jacket in this quilted fabric from Mood Fabrics. I struggled working with it a bit, which is my fault. I should have researched about it before diving in. That cotton inside was really easily separated from the outer layer. But it definitely made for a warm coat.

One of my sewing friends introduced me to Shannon Cuddle Fabrics. I thought that I was going to have trouble with the lining but it was really a dream to work with. I did a little hand basting but not much at all. The other lining fabric I intended to use fell through, so I was really glad that Lizzy Biz fabric on Etsy came through so quickly for us. We have already picked out some faux unicorn and owl fabric from her shop to make some ridiculously wonderful vests for us in December.

I made a size 16 but shortened the length to a size 10. My only regret was that I didn’t for the hood but I probably should have. It is pretty tall, but Elise didn’t even notice.

I am really glad that I made Elise this coat. I enjoy making the designs by Call Ajaire patterns. They have expanded sizes and they look really great finished. These are designs that Ajaire makes for her daughters and then shares with the world. There is so much to love about his company. I’m glad that I was able to promote this jacket. They have another Mackinaw Coat pattern that has more of a dressy feel. I’m not sure that we have anywhere to wear it, but Elise has asked for that one, too. Today is the last day of the sale, but both coat patterns are deeply discounted at 50% off

Love Notions Glissando

I am so excited to have been included in the test of the Love Notions Glissando. Their patterns work well for me to wear to the office and at home as a mom. The Glissando comes in pants, shorts, and skirt. I tested the skirt and made the pants. I am not sure if I just see it, because it’s my style. But I feel like a lot of Love Notions patterns have a vintage feel and these cropped pants are so wonderful. The pattern is high rise, so they sit on your natural waist. They have optional front and back pockets.

I have never tested with Love Notions before, but the processes was really fun. I sewed up two skirts and a pair of pants. I used different fabrics each time. Above I used the Raspberry Creek Fabrics Red Chambray. I’m not usually a huge red fan, but I wanted to match this rayon challis fabric of theirs from last year. I was so happy that it ended up being such a pretty, muted red. I made a Love Notions Rhapsody Blouse with it, which is a top pattern with seemingly endless options.

For my next skirt, I used the new Teal Medium Weight Rayon Linen that Raspberry Creek Fabrics recently stocked. This is one of my favorite fabrics that I’ve used to make a skirt and I’m going to be getting more in other colors. I also made myself another Love Notions Rhapsody Blouse. This time I used some new Teal and Off White Small Floral Print Stretch Crepe that Raspberry Creek Fabric just released for fall.

Finally, I made some pants! I love these. I don’t have a lot of experience fitting woven pants but I bought several books and am learning. The next pair I make need a few final tweaks, but I was happy with these. I used Cotton Twill in Honey by Stylemaker fabrics. I liked the way these turned out but they wrinkle easily. Next, I have some more Cotton Twill in Army from Stylemaker and some denim to make shorts. I’m wearing my v-neck version of the Classic Tee Shirt in this photo. I made this one earlier this summer in Jersey Knit.

The back pockets were really fun to put on. I also love the details on the back of the Rhapsody blouse.
I really love the look of the pants. I wasn’t sure about the crop pants, but they are so classic.
I love how these two Love Notions patterns pair so well together, as does the Raspberry Creek Fabrics.
Here is one more top that I made! It’s a Love Notions Classic Tee, again. This one was made with Raspberry Creek Fabrics double brushed poly.
This button fly was really fun to make. The instructions don’t miss a beat and I never once had to rip it out and restart.

I haven’t tried one Love Notions pattern that I didn’t like, but I was surprised how much I liked this, especially the pants. I really recommend Love Notions patterns. I feel like no matter how challenging the pattern looks, that you can work through it because it is explained so well. I am really fortunate to have been a part of the process with this pattern.

Raspberry Creek Halloween Fabrics

We have definitely missed out on a lot of traditions in 2020. The one that is giving me the most heartache is having to miss our city’s Día de Muertos festival. That was why I was so happy to see these themed fabrics released by Raspberry Creek Fabrics. Making these garments really cheered me.

Elise fell in love with the Crown Skulls with purple being her favorite color. So I got the Crown Floral to coordinate with her, but I turned out loving them both. I decided to make my favorite pattern for multiple prints, Rockford Raglan by Love Notions. I also accented it with the Pin Polka Dots in my stash.

Elise wanted the Girls Sloane Sweater. So, I sewed her up one with the hood. In addition to the Crown Skulls, I used the Lilac and White Pin Polka Dots to accent her top.

Elise loves Raspberry Creek Fabrics double brushed poly. So, she picked the Happy Skeletons print to make a cowl top. She asked for a New Horizons Designs Girls Knoxville Top, because she loves the knot and the cowl. She also wanted some joggers in Solid Black French Terry. I sewed her some Carita Joggers also by New Horizons Designs. I love that pattern, because it’s so easy to blend sizes for her growing body.

These prints are all $1 off through next Thursday, September 9th. We plan to order, but there are so many to choose from. We are having a hard time deciding. We are definitely going to make matching hoodies with the Let’s Ride Panel and main fabric. Elise hates bugs but decided that she must have the Spiders on Webs, because they are “creepy”. I am wondering if I should just make her a Love Notions Girls Classic Tee or something that I can accent with all those great colors. And finally, I want the Polka Dot Pumpkins. I am wondering if another Rockford Raglan would be too much, so I might make the redesigned Love Notions La Bella Donna.

Raspberry Creek Fall Fabrics

I am so fortunate to have been able to sew up some of the new fall fabrics offered by Raspberry Creek Fabrics. My nine year old daughter, Elise and I love to match. I loved them all, so I let Elise choose. When she saw the Kettles fabric in the Sweater Weather Collection, she said, “We do love tea!”. I coordinated them with these stripes that are all my favorite colors.

I made myself a Love Notions Rockford Raglan. I’m not exaggerating that this may be my favorite all time pattern. Brittney Laidlaw a designer and sewist for Raspberry Creek Fabrics got me started on using the stripes with the prints for this combination. I love that I can turn the stripes and use them for the cuffs.

I made New Horizons Designs Patterns for Elise. She is somewhere between child and adults sizes, which make things complicated. I find these patterns very straight forward to alter. I made her the Women’s Carita Joggers and the Tami Revolution Hoodie for Girls with a neckband instead of hood.

I wanted to make us some coordinating dresses. Elise picked the Fall Leaves in Jersey Knit.

I knew that I wanted to make myself Love Notions Willow Wrap peplum. I thought it worked really nicely in Jersey Knit.

Love Notions just released extended sizes for the Everyday Playdress that I purchased. So, we gave that a try for Elise. I could not believe how quickly it came together. She had stopped wearing dresses but requested more of these for the winter.

I put my order in right away for some other prints and will probably purchase even more through out the winter. I bought the Rainbow Floral Daisy Fox and also the Vertical Stripes for a raglan and will probably add a vinyl decal to the front. Elise wants the Stitched Sky with the dog astronaut and I like the Stitched Stars from that collection for perhaps Love Notions Sloane Sweaters. I plan to buy Elise the musical notes from R&B, since she loves to sing and is active in choir for a plain t-shirt or maybe another Everyday Playdress. I got the Vintage Cameras from Travel to make some pajama pants for my husband who takes the majority of the photos for my posts. I bought french terry, because it will be so soft for winter.

Olympia Pullover

I was so excited to be included in the testing of New Horizons Designs newest pattern, Olympia Pullover. When Terra had mentioned in the Facebook group the thought of a summer hoodie, I was definitely on board. Then, I was so excited to test the pattern.

This is my the final product of my testing. I had just a bit of Raspberry Creek Fabrics Tropical Floral on Oatmeal French Terry from last summer left. I could not believe that I fit so much of the pattern on that small cut of fabric.

I also made myself the Portlander Shorts and Marbella Tank to go with it. They are in Teal Jersey Knit from Raspberry Creek Fabric. I had never made the Portlanders in Jersey Knit and was afraid it would be see through, but it was so drapey and comfortable! I like it better than the ones I’ve made in French Terry.

Here is a view of the side. I love that it shows off my tank top.

I made the Pullover in the Scoop Hood view. Here is a close up of the scoop:

Here is my first tester. In my experiences testing with her, Terra does an amazing job and making adjustments to get that perfect fit you expect with New Horizons Designs with each testing iteration. Given that, I would normally be hesitant to share this, but I really love it and am wearing the heck out of it.

I was hoping to share the fabric before it retired, but unfortunately it just did. I used my Raspberry Creek Fabrics Black and White Minimal Doodle Floral, Minimal 2.0 by Brittney Laidlaw Jersey Knit. Again, this was scraps from another project that I made.

Here is another good shot with the hood.

I would definitely recommend this pattern. I hope to make one for a beach cover up. My daughter also has designs on having one. So, I’ll need to sew that up, while it’s still summer weather.

It is available for purchase here:

Changing Neckline to V-Neck

I purchased this bundle from So Sew English fabrics with olive colored ponte blush lilly floral to make Lexi Loungers.  It also had this really beautiful blush knit gauze.  I wanted a v-neck sleeveless top but love the silhouette of the Kourtney Knot Top.  So, I decided to alter the neckline.

The Research

Made for Mermaids has some wonderful resources on their blog.  I started there: The image at the end of the post linked above shows more of a straight line to alter the neckline to a v-neck.  So, I decided to look at a sample.  
I knew the Tess top has a v-neck.  I’m really not sure why I didn’t already own it, so I purchased it here to get an idea of what I wanted:

The Process

I didn’t trace the neckline, because I knew I wanted something between the low neckline and high neckline on the Tess top pattern.  So, I took my french curve ruler and drew a new neckline.  I made my end point somewhere between the low and high neckline and end the curve about a half inch before the shoulder.
When it came to making a neckband, I measured the neck hole and multiplied that measurement by 80% then I added 1″ for the 1/2″ seam allowance on each side to sew the ends of the neckband together.  I referred, again, to the Tess top pattern on how to get my neckline to be in the v-neck style.
Besides that I followed the standard instructions in the pattern.

The Result

I am really happy with how it all turned out.  This is a favorite pattern for my daughter and me, so I’m sure I will make many more.

Everyday Clothes Patterns for Pajamas

It wasn’t long after I started sewing for my daughter, Elise, that she realized that I could make her really fun pajamas for school Pajama Day.  That encouraged me to find clothing patterns that she wears that work well as pajamas, too.I began thinking of this topic, when I just made her these Made for Mermaids Women’s Lexi Loungers Shorts and Paige Piko Top as pajamas to match a panel that she picked out for her dad.  I cut two backs and lowered the neckline for the front just a bit to get the entire panel to fit.

This spring, I used some of Elise’s favorite Made for Mermaids dress patterns to make her some nightgowns.

These two are Paige Piko Dresses:

The french fries are her absolute favorite Kourtney Knot Dress and the Mermaid Scales is a Mya Dress

I used the Made for Mermaids Lexi and Lou Loungers pattern with their Ava Tunic to make this pajama set for Pajama Day at school.

This is a winter favorite – the Portlander Pants by New Horizons Designs.  They have a great blog post on adjusting the fit that makes these pants a winner for both me and Elise.  She is also wearing their Streamline Tee.  It was extra fun to use my Silhouette Cameo to add the vinyl decal.

Here was an outfit made from some scraps in my stash for Halloween Pajama Day.  The Tulipa Dolman by Sew Like My Mom was great for scraps and I made that with the Halla Lounge Pants.

Finally, here is a case of what is not desired with your fabric choice.  Elise had loved this print in cotton Lycra, so I bought her some more the following year, but in her favorite double brushed poly.  It is the beautiful Penelope Princess Seam Dress pattern by Made By Mermaids.  But she ended feeling like she was wearing pajamas, so it didn’t get much wear.