Changing Neckline to V-Neck

I purchased this bundle from So Sew English fabrics with olive colored ponte blush lilly floral to make Lexi Loungers.  It also had this really beautiful blush knit gauze.  I wanted a v-neck sleeveless top but love the silhouette of the Kourtney Knot Top.  So, I decided to alter the neckline.

The Research

Made for Mermaids has some wonderful resources on their blog.  I started there: The image at the end of the post linked above shows more of a straight line to alter the neckline to a v-neck.  So, I decided to look at a sample.  
I knew the Tess top has a v-neck.  I’m really not sure why I didn’t already own it, so I purchased it here to get an idea of what I wanted:

The Process

I didn’t trace the neckline, because I knew I wanted something between the low neckline and high neckline on the Tess top pattern.  So, I took my french curve ruler and drew a new neckline.  I made my end point somewhere between the low and high neckline and end the curve about a half inch before the shoulder.
When it came to making a neckband, I measured the neck hole and multiplied that measurement by 80% then I added 1″ for the 1/2″ seam allowance on each side to sew the ends of the neckband together.  I referred, again, to the Tess top pattern on how to get my neckline to be in the v-neck style.
Besides that I followed the standard instructions in the pattern.

The Result

I am really happy with how it all turned out.  This is a favorite pattern for my daughter and me, so I’m sure I will make many more.

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