Raspberry Creek Halloween Fabrics

We have definitely missed out on a lot of traditions in 2020. The one that is giving me the most heartache is having to miss our city’s Día de Muertos festival. That was why I was so happy to see these themed fabrics released by Raspberry Creek Fabrics. Making these garments really cheered me.

Elise fell in love with the Crown Skulls with purple being her favorite color. So I got the Crown Floral to coordinate with her, but I turned out loving them both. I decided to make my favorite pattern for multiple prints, Rockford Raglan by Love Notions. I also accented it with the Pin Polka Dots in my stash.

Elise wanted the Girls Sloane Sweater. So, I sewed her up one with the hood. In addition to the Crown Skulls, I used the Lilac and White Pin Polka Dots to accent her top.

Elise loves Raspberry Creek Fabrics double brushed poly. So, she picked the Happy Skeletons print to make a cowl top. She asked for a New Horizons Designs Girls Knoxville Top, because she loves the knot and the cowl. She also wanted some joggers in Solid Black French Terry. I sewed her some Carita Joggers also by New Horizons Designs. I love that pattern, because it’s so easy to blend sizes for her growing body.

These prints are all $1 off through next Thursday, September 9th. We plan to order, but there are so many to choose from. We are having a hard time deciding. We are definitely going to make matching hoodies with the Let’s Ride Panel and main fabric. Elise hates bugs but decided that she must have the Spiders on Webs, because they are “creepy”. I am wondering if I should just make her a Love Notions Girls Classic Tee or something that I can accent with all those great colors. And finally, I want the Polka Dot Pumpkins. I am wondering if another Rockford Raglan would be too much, so I might make the redesigned Love Notions La Bella Donna.

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