Love Notions Arlington: The Perfect Fall Pattern

Cowl Neck in Hacci Sweater Knit with Glissando Skirt

I am so excited about this Arlington Sweater by Love Notions. I was hoping that Tami would come out with a classy turtleneck pattern and she did not disappoint. I made so many of these in testing.

Cowl Neck in Hacci Sweater with Knit Duet Trousers

There are several great sleeve options, but I was enamored with this long puff sleeve. It has a short sleeve puff option, too. I’m going to try that for sure soon.

Turtleneck in Sweater Knit with Glissando Skirt

I did try the elbow sleeves and I am definitely in love. Most of the versions that I made were the turtleneck. But there is also a mock turtleneck option.

Turtleneck in Sweater Knit with Glissando Skirt

The pattern also looks just as good in the back as it does from the front.

Turtleneck in Rib Sweater Knit with Glissando Pants

The only fabric that I used that wasn’t stashed was this Mini Cable Stripes Rib Knit from Boho Fabrics. This color is really beautiful and this arrived just a few days after ordering. I made all my sweaters in banded, but there is a shirt length and dress. I have some fabric that I’d like to use for a dress while it is still warm outside.

Turtleneck in Rib Sweater Knit with Glissando Pants

This was an earlier tester version, so it looks a bit shorter than the final. But I really loved it in the dark blue ribbed knit with my khaki colored Glissando. This was leftover fabric also from Boho Fabrics. I had used it for some Boyfriend Cardigans that I made me and Elise last year. But I love how this turned out.

Cowl Neck in Hacci Sweater Knit with Glissando Skirt

I’m so excited to see what everyone else is making. I have some fabric to make one for Elise. She doesn’t usually like turtlenecks, but she is excited to get her own. I have my heart set on a light pink colored one in sweater knit next. So, I’m going to keep an eye out for the perfect fabric.

Mock Neck Dress with Elbow Sleeve in Rib Knit

These Arlingtons are really quite addictive, because they are such a quick sew. I just made another dress version. I wanted to use this rib knit, but was not sure about it. It’s perfect especially in this Raspberry Creek Fabrics Butterfly Rib Knit.

The back is different than the top patterns in that it has two pieces you sew together. Not only does that help with shaping, but also lets you potentially eek more from a smaller cut.

This may be my longest post ever, if I keep adding all the Arlingtons that I make. But I’m off to make a Love Notions pattern for Elise that she’s been waiting a long time to have.

2 responses to “Love Notions Arlington: The Perfect Fall Pattern”

  1. I cannot wait for time to make an Arlington! I love all your versions, but I especially love the floral with stripes! (Even though I would pry reach for a solid more often)


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