Five Family Makes for the Love Notions New Year’s Sale

Arlington Sweater in Sweater Knit

If you are anything like me, you spent most of December and probably November furiously sewing for the holidays. Now that the holidays are over, I am looking for inspiration for some new things to sew for fun. That’s why the Love Notions New Year’s Sale couldn’t have come at a better time. It’s 30% off all patterns. Then, you can take another 10% off that discount with my coupon code – NICOLE10

North Star Pullover and Hoodie in Bamboo Cotton Spandex

I definitely wanted to make some things I’d been hoping to create for my family. I have the Ladies Constellation Pullover in this very same Dusty Mustard Bamboo Cotton Spandex Fleece. My husband was really admiring it one day. I said I could make him one in a color he prefers, but he really liked how the yellow was different than his other sweaters. So, I made him a Men’s North Star Pullover just like mine for him.

Constellation Pullover and Hoodie in Bamboo Cotton Spandex

Here is mine from back in February of last year. There is also a kids’ version of this pattern named the Kids’ Navigator Pullover and Hoodie.

Tessa Sheath Dress with Resolution Bottoms Leggings

Then, this pretty girl has been asking for a Tessa Sheath Dress, since I sewed myself a couple up with the expanded sizing. She had this Grunge Heathered Fleece Sweatshirt Knit Fabric that she had picked out and wanted to use that for the dress. She understands fabric parameters very well and consistently makes good choices. So, I went with what she requested and it looks great. She is also wearing some leggings that are an option with the Resolution Bottoms pattern in just plain solid ivory jersey knit. It’s very easy to fit her in the women’s top and dress patterns, because she carries her height in her torso like me. I really have to take a lot of length out of the pants patterns. But I got them just right over the holiday break, and she’s very happy.

Arlington Sweater in Sweater Knit

My favorite pattern for her is the Arlington Sweater. I made her one in peach when it released and it is really starting to show wear already, because she wears it more than once a week if she can. So, we picked up some Lavender Periwinkle Brushed Sweater Knit Fabric on sale and she requested another Arlington Sweater. This pattern is really universally flattering. I have made many and it never disappoints.

Sloane Sweater with Laundry Day Tee Cowl and Flutter Sleeves

I have been waffling on these two holiday prints from Raspberry Creek Fabrics. When I finally got around to ordering them just before they retired, I knew I needed something extra special. My new favorite had been the Sloane Sweater where I traced over the Laundry Day Tee neckline and added the cowl. So, I decided to add Flutter Sleeves, too. I absolutely love the flutters but it may be a bit much with the cowl. So, that may eventually become a neckband. But probably not, because I’m fine being a bit much.

Sloane Sweater with Resolution Bottoms Leggings

Here is another make that I promised Elise. We used to have matching sweaters with this Watercolor Floral on Oatmeal fabric, but she had long since outgrown her Sloane Sweater. She was excited when this fabric became available again. I finally sewed this up for her after the holiday sewing was done. This is the other pair of Resolution Bottoms Leggings. She usually only wears them with her dresses, so I was pleasantly surprised when she liked these well enough to wear with her sweatshirt.

Sloane Sweaters from November 2018

I hope that my post sparked some inspiration of what you might want to do next. When I lose my sewjo, I usually just make something that is easy and will get a lot of wear like the Classic Tee. If you aren’t a part of the Love Notions Pattern Support Facebook Group, you definitely will find ideas there. It is a fun place to be at sale time when it’s full of excitement and creative questions and answers. As always, you are very welcome to connect with me via the comments, Instagram or Facebook. My favorite thing besides sewing is to make new sewing friends.

Sloane Sweaters from January 2022

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