Love Notions Terra Tunic Update

I was so excited to get to test the Terra Tunic update by Love Notions Patterns. It was a pattern that I loved to make in the past, but I had to make my own full bust adjusment. Now there is a full bust piece and expanded sizes.

Love Notions Terra Tunic – Asymmetrical Neckline

I was most excited to try the asymmetrical neckline. I had a store bought top with this neckline many years ago that was a favorite. I am really happy with the way this turned out. I love the color of the fabric. It’s a Dusty Blue Ponte De Roma knit fabric that I bought from Raspberry Creek Fabrics.

Love Notions Terra Tunic – Asymmetrical Neckline – Neckline Detail

I also saw this was a great opportunity to use some of the beautiful buttons that Annick picked out for me in the Love Notions Ambassadors Holiday Gift Exchange. It thought they were perfect with this collar.

Love Notions Terra Tunic – Asymmetrical Neckline – Back

I love how the neckline looks on the back, too. I think this is going to be a workplace staple garment for me.

Love Notions Terra Tunic – Scoop Neckline

Since Spring is right around the corner in the Midwest US, I wanted to make a version for Spring. I picked out Ponte de Roma knit again from Raspberry Creek Fabrics. This time I went with the Small Watercolor Floral print.

Love Notions Terra Tunic – Scoop Neckline – Side View

I really like the scoop neck view. I made one in tri-blend jersey knit that was my favorite last summer. I have another print of tri-blend that I plan to use on with this pattern for this coming summer.

Love Notions Terra Tunic – Hooded

The hooded version was an afterthought. I hadn’t initally planned to make it. But I have been saving these Navy Waves on Oatmeal French Terry for a long sleeved, hooded beach cover up. My favorite place to visit is Traverse City in Michigan. Some days are cold, but I love being in the water anyway. I wanted something like this, when I’m on the beach after swimming or in the evenings. I realized this pattern would be perfect.

Love Notions Terra Tunic – Hooded – Side View

Here is a photo of the side view. I love this split hem, but had a little frustration with making it at first. I realized that I could just drawn exactly where to sew on the split hem with a frixon marker. That made the process much more enjoyable!

Love Notions Terra Tunic – Hooded – Back View

Here is what the back looks like with the hood. It has a three piece hood that lays so nicely. I used solid oatmeal french terry that Elise picked out but kindly shared with me for the lining.

Love Notions Terra Tunic – Hooded – Back View

What really led me to use this pattern is the v-neckline. I think this is very pretty and unique for a hooded sweatshirt.

Thank you for taking time to read me sharing my love for the updated Terra Tunic pattern. I really enjoy having a pattern that is easy to sew, fits great, and is flattering. I’m so excited to see what you all make in the Love Notions Pattern Support Facebook group and Instagram. If you are on Instagram, I’d love to connect with you. If not, I hope to see you over in the Facebook group.

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