Love Notions Boyfriend Cardigan: Sweater Knit vs. French Terry

Thigh Length Hooded version in Raspberry Creek Fabrics Hacci Sweater Knit

If you came here looking for an epic battle between Sweater Knit and French Terry to dominate the Love Notions Boyfriend Cardigan, I’m really sorry to disappoint you. Both make for a beautiful Boyfriend Cardigan. I’ve made eight of these cardigans and just wanted to share with you the differences.

2018 version in Raspberry Creek Fabrics French Terry

I made this Boyfriend Cardigan out of Raspberry Creek Fabrics French Terry. I like the French Terry, because it’s really stable. It was easy to sew the pockets on. My shawl collar hangs just right. Also the pattern is constructed so beautifully that it doesn’t look stiff or boxy on.

Thigh Length Shawl Collar version in Boho Fabrics Brushed Ribbed Knit

But here you have a recent Boyfriend Cardigan that I made in Boho Fabrics Brushed Rib Knit fabric. I have used their Brushed Rib Knit fabric on many garments. The main draw is how incredibly soft this is. It’s also very forgiving to work with. If you match your thread pretty closely, you can’t see much of the stitch definition, so any mistakes don’t show.

Thigh Length Hooded in progress tester version in So Sew English Rayon French Terry

So, what are some of the cons? The Sweater Knit can be delicate. I actually tore a hole near the seam of the ribbed knit one that I made this week. It also was a bit fiddly getting those pockets on. However, French Terry has a similar issue. There are loops on the wrong side. If you accidentally catch something on one of those loops, you could cause a fabric run or small hole.

Thigh Length Hooded version in Raspberry Creek Fabrics Hacci Sweater Knit

In conclusion, I hope this blog post informed you a bit about sewing with Sweater Knit and French Terry, but mostly convinced you to sew all the Boyfriend Cardigans. The pattern is on sale for $5 Friday, March 26th and then at a reduced rate of $9 Saturday and Sunday. Here is my affiliate link if you’d like to purchase this pattern:

The Girls Boyfriend Cardigan is also $5 on Friday only. I have made my daughter several, but I didn’t do a good job of capturing them. Here is one of her favorites that she wore when her group that her dad coached won our state’s Math Pentathlon.

Girls Boyfriend Cardigan:

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