Fabrics for Love Notions Patterns

I am so excited to see all the great pattern purchases happening during the 40% off sale. I want to share a variety of the fabrics that I’ve tried. Some of my favorites like Sloane Sweater, Rockford/Wrigley Raglan, Resolution Bottoms, and some others aren’t featured, because I tend to use the same fabrics again and again. You can click on any of the photos below and make them larger if you’d like, too.

Rhapsody Blouse

You are seeing the Rhapsody Blouse first, because this is my favorite Love Notions pattern. It calls for wovens and I find the fit forgiving. The bias binding can be a bit tricky on the first one, but after you complete it once it’s very straight forward.

Glissando Pants and Skirt

The Glissando is my favorite woven pants and skirt pattern. The button front is my favorite part. Another version can be seen in the Rhapsody collage above. I used Rayon Linen for that one.

Allegro Bottoms

The Allegro Bottoms are a wonderful pattern that I really enjoy. It uses woven fabrics. It is very comfortable. I especially love the shorts version.

Forte Top & Dress

The Forte Top is so much fun to sew and wear! You use knits on this one. The one I made in the middle recently is just a simple, dressy top. There are many, many more options that I have yet to try, too.

Luna Loungewear Shorts

The Luna Loungewear Shorts are our favorite knit shorts. What makes them so great is the elastic waistband. We do a lot of hiking in the summer. These are so comfortable and stay put.

Breckenridge Henley

The Breckenridge Henley is simply the perfect knit top for fall. I collect antique buttons, so I am really wild over this pattern. It’s such a good excuse to use my button stash or shop for new buttons!

Sunday Romper

The Sunday Romper is one pattern that I think we may have sampled every variety. I even recently made the dress in Jersey Knit. It is just so great for keeping cool and comfortable. Elise’s cherry version is a favorite outfit for sure.

Classic Tee

I will end with the Classic Tee pattern, which perhaps should be called the perfect tee. It is so comfortable that I’ve made many in Jersey Knit to sleep in. As you can see, you can use many different knit fabrics. The top always seems to hold its shape.

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