Raspberry Creek Fabrics Fall 2021 Collection

Elise and I are so excited to share some selections from the Raspberry Creek Fabrics Fall 2021 Collection. We picked out the beautiful Hello Peach collection by Kim Henrie. Elise really is loving peach lately, which was my favorite color when I was her age. I favor teal now and this collection has them both! I was hoping she’d pick these prints, because I adore the floral and stripe.

Last Spring, Elise had her eye on my Love Notions Constellation Pullovers. She requested one, but I never got around to making it before the weather turned warm. So, that was her first request with these fall fabrics. When completed, I thought it was a tad long, but she decided I shouldn’t shorten it. With the way she is growing, I thought that wasn’t a bad decision.

This is my third Love Notions Constellation and I am so happy with the fit. They are so comfortable, but I definitely feel more pulled together in them. I also like that they are a bit longer than my Sloane Sweaters just to have something different.

When I was making these, I full intended to make knit binding. I used pre-packaged bias binding on my other two. And I ended up doing a lot of hand sewing and it didn’t seem worth the effort. Well, I was really lazy and just serged the edge of my fabric and stitched into place.

This is my serged edge and stitched.
Here is the bias binding.

I actually was really happy with the results. I’d like to say that I’ll try knit binding with my next one, but I’d bet I’ll just serge and stitch, again.

I’ll leave you with a few close up photos of these beautiful fabrics.

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