Sewing for Distraction: Love Notions Sybil Skirt

Sewing can be like a good friend that sits quietly with you to bring you comfort in trying times if you let it. The Love Notions redesigned Sybil Illusion Skirt is a pattern that brought me comfort during a difficult time. 

In 2016, one of my best friends from college was killed. I was fairly new to sewing. So much so, that it took all my attention. My friend that passed away was a rare breed of devoted friend. He always asked about and shared with me articles and news relevant to Elise and my interests. He was so complimentary and interested in my sewing and knitting. I decided to sew a gored version of the Sybil Skirt for the visitation. The front and back of the skirt are each made of three pieces sewn together. I can almost guarantee those pieces ended up as a mixed up mess, because I was in such a state. I don’t think I told anyone I made my skirt, not even my very best friend of almost 30 years that accompanied me. However, it brought me such great comfort.

Now, I’d love to share with you a bit about the redesigned Sybil Illusion Skirt. When I offered to test any version of the Sybil Skirt, it certainly felt like kismet when the gored version was selected for me. It felt uplifting to see how my skills have improved and I even managed to get the pieces in the right places. I often direct good thoughts toward a person or situation when I sew, almost like a silent prayer. I thought about my friend and my friendship with his brother and other friends that have strengthened since we lost him.

I’m also thankful to my husband who took these photos for me. There was a downpour once we got started, but he stuck with it. He is a great support to me. I used the Raspberry Creek Fabrics Sea Blue Modal Spandex Jersey Knit Fabric for this knee length version of the skirt. I made a matching Ballad Blouse with Raspberry Creek Fabrics Tonal Teal Blue Coral and Yellow Abstract Square Print Stretch Crepe. I used some beautiful antique buttons that I had stashed.

This is the midi length. I again used the Modal Jersey Knit in charcoal gray, but it no longer seems available. I used the Raspberry Creek Fabrics Tonal Grey and Off White Tossed Small Floral Print Stretch Crepe for my Ballad Blouse.

In conclusion, you can reliably count on me to be the last person to pass judgement on how others deal with adversity or distract themselves. I just hear through sewing groups some people feel like they lose their will to sew in tough times. An approach to try to help you through might be to sew something easy or small to see if it soothes your soul as it has mine. Always feel free to reach out to me via Instagram and Facebook if this resonates with you or you’d like to talk. Connecting is my favorite part of sewing.

Here is a link, if you’d like to read more about my dear friend:

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