Love Notions Rhapsody with Raspberry Creek Fabrics Custom Prints

Love Notions Rhapsody Dress in Raspberry Creek Fabrics custom prints

I am really in love with this print Kim Henrie did for Raspberry Creek Fabrics swim fabric collection. I thought it would make a great Rhapsody Dress, so I asked if it could be printed on rayon challis instead of swim. I was so excited it was an option, and then ecstatic to be gifted this fabric from my friends at Raspberry Creek Fabrics. If you like the dress pattern I’ve used and you are reading this on Friday, May 19th, it’s just $5 today only and an extra 10% off if you use my coupon code NICOLE10

Strawberry Floral Print, Strawberry Fields by Kim Henrie

I wasn’t sure the process for custom printing with Raspberry Creek Fabrics. They have a form where you can upload your own image, which Elise is working toward doing. She has been drawing and got a new Apple pencil to use with her iPad at Easter. You can also select a print from the design library. I wanted to use a current swim print, so I just emailed that shop at This is always an option. Don’t let confusion with the process deter you from the fun, just email the shop.

Strawberry Fields Multi Stripe Print by Kim Henrie for RCF

I knew that I wanted to use the multi stripe print for the bias binding. I used the Treasurie YouTube video instructions. It is all text and no spoken words, so it’s perfect if you are deaf or Hard of Hearing like me.

Contrasting Yoke on Love Notions Rhapsody

But it was so beautiful when it arrived, that I decided to use it on a contrasting yoke. I couldn’t find many examples of the sewn pattern where the yoke contrasted, so I was not sure of the result. I am very happy with the outcome.

If you are thinking about getting the Rhapsody Blouse and Dress pattern while it’s on sale today or anytime, it is probably my favorite. It definitely can be time-consuming, because of all the details, especially if you make your own bias tape. But it is so worth it. Not that it’s something we focus on, but if you use good quality fabric, this is a blouse/dress that looks like it was purchased at a fine boutique.

Coxhall Gardens Carmel, Indiana

I also just have to brag a little on the backdrop for my photos. This is a park that is a short walk from our community. Elise and I rode our bikes here nearly everyday on my lunch break during the pandemic. I feel so blessed to have this park and also West Park very close to our home.

Thanks for stopping in to learn a bit about the fun and easy custom printing process at Raspberry Creek Fabrics and also one of my favorite Love Notions patterns, Rhapsody Blouse and Dress.

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