Love Notions Tidal Tops in Raspberry Creek Fabrics Cotton Spandex Prints

If you have seen any of my posts, you know that I really love the fun prints that Raspberry Creek Fabrics offers in cotton spandex and french terry. Another reason to appreciate Love Notions patterns is that they have a wide variety of patterns that work great for cotton spandex. I enjoy making the La Bella Donna, Classic Tee, Forte – View C , Sunday Romper & Dress, Willow Wrap Dress, Arlington Sweater & Dress, Sloane Sweater, Rockford Raglan, and Summer Basics Tank patterns all in cotton spandex

Tidal Top with Navy Gingham and Tossed Fruit Salad Print

So, what on earth took me so long to make myself a Tidal Top? I have made Elise plenty of them in the past. But I had never made myself one. I don’t know if I thought it might be too boxy or if I was too lazy to do a full bust adjustment. But it has re-released with expanded sizes and a full bust piece.

Tidal Top with Raspberry Creek Fabrics Lemon and Multi Stripe Print

And once I was making them, I found it really difficult to stop. I also found the outfits hard to take off once I had them on for photos. They were perfect for some of the prints I have bought from Raspberry Creek Fabrics. This Lemon Print and Multi Stripe were some of my favorite designs that I’ve seen, so they were destined to be sewn up immediately.

Raspberry Creek Fabrics Otter Print with Triblend Stripe

Are you even an Indiana girl, if you haven’t taken pictures by a barn of your new make? I have been wanting to take pictures by this barn by our house for a while, and it was perfect for this new outfit that I also love. Raspberry Creek Fabrics sold this otter print and panel, last winter. Every order, I’d offer to buy them for Elise, but she didn’t want them. So, I finally realized that I wanted them. I have been waiting for the perfect pattern and the Tidal Top is perfectly suited for panels.

Love Notions Resolution Bottoms

Please excuse this photo of my backside. I know this is a post about the Tidal Top, but I really love adding a fabric contrast with the back yoke of the Resolution Bottoms. Did you know that you can make the Resolution Bottoms into shorts? There isn’t a cut line, but cut them the length of your favorite shorts. I used the Summer Caye shorts. This print is discontinued but the triblend stripe is still available.

Tidal Top in Tossed Fruit Salad and Navy Gingham Print

Elise is taking full credit for these photos. She discovered this pond on her school bus ride and had to show me it for photos. I made this Tidal Top with the Tossed Fruit Salad print that I love. A sewing friend made it with Navy Gingham and I had to copy her. This is going to be something I love wearing for Independence Day and all summer.

Tidal Top and Luna Loungewear Shorts

I can’t forget to share with you these Luna Loungewear Shorts. Elise and I always gush about this pattern. It uses wide elastic, so it’s perfect for our summer hikes. Elise just got out of school yesterday, and I hope to take these on a test run this weekend.

Not as fun to share, but I know folks like to see the back of the tops. I am really happy how this fits. The back pattern piece also provides instructions to split it in two, if you are afraid it would be boxy or are short on fabric. But these are cotton spandex jersey knit, and I didn’t find them boxy in the least.

Tidal Top with Resolution Bottoms Shorts

I sure am appreciative that you stopped by to read my blog! The Ladies Tidal Top & Dress is the Feature Friday pattern on May 27th and only costs $5. There is a Girls’ Tidal Top & Dress that is also only $5. Then, the re-release sale continues Saturday, May 28th and Sunday, May 29th with the pattern costing only $9.50. You can always get an extra 10% off patterns with my NICOLE10 coupon code, and it gives me a bit of commission to buy fabric and notions.

If you are on Instagram, I’d love to connect with you. You can find me at If you prefer, Facebook, please send me a request at Making new sewing friends is my favorite part of sewing and fabric collecting.

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