Love Notions Game Day Jersey

Game Day Jerseys and Luna Loungewear Shorts

Some pretty big news was announced today for us. I was named a brand ambassador for Love Notions Sewing Patterns. Elise and I are huge fans! Not only of the patterns but of the wonderful women that own and manage the company and the inclusive culture they have built. I can participate in every single one of their sew alongs, classes, meet ups, because they go the extra mile to make them accessible.  I can honestly tell you that I ask every time and never once were they not very willing to implement a solution so I could participate.  And I attend nearly everything they offer.  I’m proud beyond words to represent this amazing organization. I also love the support and encouragement of the Facebook group. It is a place you can always go and be assured that other members will lift you up.

This is the first Love Notions patterns I made. It is a Whistler Pull-Over from 2016, when I was very new to sewing knits. I had just started sewing woven garments the year before. And I think this was the second garment I made myself. Five year old Elise was so cute but still was learning to smile for pictures.

A super fun part of being an ambassador is that I get to sew up the pattern on sale for $5 Feature Fridays and share it with my sewing friends. This week it’s the Game Day Jersey. I am wearing it with my favorite knit shorts, the Luna Loungewear Shorts. For this Game Day Jersey, I used some Raspberry Creek Fabrics jersey knit print that I had left over with their solid black. I thought it was perfect, since I do wear my heart on my sleeve! And I certainly have a lot of love for the sewing community.

I made this version last July. This Game Day Jersey was such a bright spot for me in a challenging year. The Raspberry Creek Fabrics Sun Stripe jersey knit is a forever available print that you can still get. It was perfect with my Allegro Bottoms.

My sewing sidekick didn’t think she wanted a Kids’ Game Day Jersey. That is until she realized all the ambassadors were sharing theirs. Since it is her aspiration to be an ambassador-in-training, she needed one. It turned out that the color blocking just wasn’t for her. She actually really loves this with the one color and stripes on the sleeves. It is perfect for decals and I bet panels would be great, too. I noticed after planning it out that my friend Rachel made something very similar for her son that’s on the listing and pattern. It was ideal timing to celebrate my girl’s accomplishment on Wednesday of completing the school year.

Here are the links to the patterns that are $5 only today (Friday, May 28th if you are reading this later). I’ve shared my affiliate links in this post. That provides me commission, but doesn’t cost any extra for the purchaser. But if that makes you uncomfortable, please feel free to go straight and purchase from the Love Notions web site. It won’t hurt my feelings at all. And I’d be really glad for as many friends as possible to get these patterns for $5, so we can all sew together.

Ladies’ Game Day Jersey
Kids’ Game Day Jersey
Men’s Game Day Jersey

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