My Favorite Things: Raspberry Creek Fabrics

My very favorite thing is sewing with and for my daughter with Raspberry Creek Fabrics. My second favorite thing is exploring nature in our county and state parks with her. I am so excited to marry all of that in my blog post!

I was so excited to join this blog tour. I told Elise that she could pick any of her favorite prints in a huge selection of substrates (materials). I’ve been sewing for five or six years with these prints, so that’s a lot to choose from. She easily picked the avocados from last summer in jersey knit. Brittany Laidlaw has said she designed these for her daughter, but Elise has always thought they were designed for her. Avocados are absolutely her very favorite food.

Now that she has her favorite fabric of all time, I asked her to pick her favorite pattern. She picked both of our favorite outfits for adventuring. We are both wearing the Love Notions Classic Tee. There is a Girls Classic Tee that goes up to size 16, but this girl doesn’t fit into it anymore! She is wearing the Girls Luna Loungewear shorts and I’m wearing the Ladies version. This is our favorite shorts pattern, because it has a lot of ease and elastic in the waistband to stay up when we are exploring the outdoors. She chose our stash of Solid Olive Green 4 Way Stretch French Terry Knit Fabric With Spandex for the shorts. She picked jersey knit for a new pair last week and that also works great, because Raspberry Creek Fabrics jersey knit is a very nice weight.

Another important element of favorite things is that we love to go to parks and explore. So, my husband took us to one of our favorite parks for photos. We are at Cool Creek Park which is part of the wonderful Hamilton County Parks where we reside. I cannot tell you how much solace these parks brought us in the thick of the pandemic. I post a lot of our park adventures in my Instagram stories.

And finally, you rarely get a photo, but the photographer is our favorite guy. Not only does he not accept any form of payment for his off-site photography, but he took us out for ice cream afterward.

And now for our favorite sewing tool. Our lives have been made so much easier by Frixon markers. You can iron the marks off, because they disappear with heat. We ensure that we stain treat them before washing just to be safe. Since we usually mark on the wrong side of the fabric, it’s not an issue, though. Elise is a new sewist and she thinks these are so great to use to trace her patterns on fabric. I wish I’d used them early on in my sewing process to identify the cut pieces like front and back. As you can imagine, I also use them a lot to put E’s and N’s on things like these shirts, because we are now very close in sizes in some garments and I’m making them together.

Thanks for stopping by! Elise and I really hope you enjoyed learning about our favorite things. Also featured today is my kind friend Emily and her blog, Replicate Then Deviate. Also, Tami Tanner Peterson’s blog, Sew Sophie Lynn, is featured. She makes the most amazing garments then photographs them with such artistry.

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