• Love Notions Glissando

    I am so excited to have been included in the test of the Love Notions Glissando. Their patterns work well for me to wear to the office and at home as a mom. The Glissando comes in pants, shorts, and skirt. I tested the skirt and made the pants. I am not sure if I just see it, because it’s my style. But I feel like a lot of Love Notions patterns have a vintage feel and these cropped pants are so wonderful. The pattern is high rise, so they sit on your natural waist. They have optional front and back pockets.

    I have never tested with Love Notions before, but the processes was really fun. I sewed up two skirts and a pair of pants. I used different fabrics each time. Above I used the Raspberry Creek Fabrics Red Chambray. I’m not usually a huge red fan, but I wanted to match this rayon challis fabric of theirs from last year. I was so happy that it ended up being such a pretty, muted red. I made a Love Notions Rhapsody Blouse with it, which is a top pattern with seemingly endless options.

    For my next skirt, I used the new Teal Medium Weight Rayon Linen that Raspberry Creek Fabrics recently stocked. This is one of my favorite fabrics that I’ve used to make a skirt and I’m going to be getting more in other colors. I also made myself another Love Notions Rhapsody Blouse. This time I used some new Teal and Off White Small Floral Print Stretch Crepe that Raspberry Creek Fabric just released for fall.

    Finally, I made some pants! I love these. I don’t have a lot of experience fitting woven pants but I bought several books and am learning. The next pair I make need a few final tweaks, but I was happy with these. I used Cotton Twill in Honey by Stylemaker fabrics. I liked the way these turned out but they wrinkle easily. Next, I have some more Cotton Twill in Army from Stylemaker and some denim to make shorts. I’m wearing my v-neck version of the Classic Tee Shirt in this photo. I made this one earlier this summer in Jersey Knit.

    The back pockets were really fun to put on. I also love the details on the back of the Rhapsody blouse.
    I really love the look of the pants. I wasn’t sure about the crop pants, but they are so classic.
    I love how these two Love Notions patterns pair so well together, as does the Raspberry Creek Fabrics.
    Here is one more top that I made! It’s a Love Notions Classic Tee, again. This one was made with Raspberry Creek Fabrics double brushed poly.
    This button fly was really fun to make. The instructions don’t miss a beat and I never once had to rip it out and restart.

    I haven’t tried one Love Notions pattern that I didn’t like, but I was surprised how much I liked this, especially the pants. I really recommend Love Notions patterns. I feel like no matter how challenging the pattern looks, that you can work through it because it is explained so well. I am really fortunate to have been a part of the process with this pattern.

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